Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Toys and Birthday Mayhem

I felt really guilty about leaving Mads with my Mum for five hours straight, so before Jeffrey and I went out for the evening, I bought her a whole bunch of bright, fun toys for her to play with. Of course she was asleep before my Mum even got to our house, but I figured she would get to play with them the next day. So today, we're sitting on the floor and I have all these new toys scattered around her, just begging her to play with them. Eff you Mommy, and eff your birthday toys. She's been chewing on that little red CD for almost an hour. I can't get her to let go of it.

And as for my birthday, this is me...

about twenty minutes before I received a citation for disorderly conduct. No. I'm not kidding. It is illegal to pee in the bushes, even if it's in a dark alley with a "lookout". Do yourselves a favor, and just find a fucking bathroom.

I knew I shouldn't have worn my bright red and white polka-dot panties. So much for camouflage.


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