Friday, November 7, 2008


It took well over six minutes to get the paper off the box (I have the video to prove it), she tried to eat every piece of paper that she could, and the cat attacked her hat while it was still on her head. It was the best half birthday ever.

Poor Oliver the Octopus, even with his eight legs of fun, Mads still liked the box he came in better.

And just to prove to us that the first six months were nothin' compared to the next six, Mads went and learned how to fall on her face from the sitting position, on purpose! Actually, the first time she did it, she made it the whole way to the crawling position. But the second time, ya know, the time when I'm actually holding a camera, she fell on her face. Isn't that how it works though?

I don't know about the munchkin but, I'm willing to wait until tomorrow to try again. I've had enough growing for the day.

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