Friday, November 7, 2008

She's a Well Baby

Aside from belting out the Happy Birthday song, I've decided to hold off on any b-day festivities until Jeffrey gets home from work. But, we did have a birthday shot today, so that's what's happening in the now.

Mads weighs 15lbs, 5oz. That's 50th. She's a whopping 27 and a quarter inches, which is 75th. She's a long and lean healthy baby with a head circumference that totally fits her body.

Her Ped. gave me a prescription today for some kind of iron, vitamin D, fluoride drop thing, but I'm not really sure I'll be filling it. I've read on most all breastfeeding sites that these supplements are unnecessary, that breastmilk contains enough iron and D to keep your baby healthy, but why would he prescribe it if it wasn't important? I used to be very trusting of Doctors before Mady came around, but now that it's her health in question, I find myself worrying about every little thing that goes into her body. I don't even like giving her Tylenol, and now they want me to give her a prescription once a day? It's gonna take some research.

Here's my !!six month old!! baby girl, sleeping off the trauma from this morning, and wearing her big girl band-aid with pride.

She definitely looks older, right?

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Mom 2 Number 1 and Number 2 said...

What a great picture! I forget that "little one" stage. My boys are 3 and 5.