Saturday, November 15, 2008

Head Dress-Up

Jeffrey had to work today from seven this morning until eleven tonight. Now I'm no mathlete, but I'm pretty sure that comes out to about sixteen hours. Shitty right? Shitty. I'm used to being home with Mads all day long, but usually there are either a couple hours in the morning, or a couple hours in the evening where I can pass her off to Jeffrey. Today though, I had the girl attached to my hip for twelve hours straight. Literally. I couldn't get anything done unless I had her on my hip in the hotsling so she could participate in every activity. That kid didn't nap for shit today. By five o'clock, we had played with every toy, rolled around in every room, and chewed on at least five thousand different things. I had made two different "toys", one with a parmesan cheese container and beads, the other with a cardboard box and ribbon. It was 5:30 and I had used up every ounce of creativity that I had to keep her entertained, but we still had an hour before bath time. I used to love to play dress-up when I was little, but since Mads throws a baby hissy fit every time a shirt goes over her head, I knew dress-up was going to have to wait a couple years. So I invented 'Head Dress-Up'. Well maybe I didn't invent it, I'm sure original thought has been dead for years, but I'm claiming it anyways. This is it:

Super fun, right? Mads alternated between giving me a confused smile and trying to ignore me so I'd go away. I pretty much giggled like an idiot the whole time. Poor Jeffrey, he's going to be so bummed he missed out on such a fantabulous time. So that's head dress-up. Go play, you know you want to.

BTW, my kid has some major rock star hair, right?

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