Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Four years ago, I voted for John Kerry. I didn't vote for him because I agreed with his stance on any of the issues, I voted for him because he was cuter than Bush. I didn't even know the issues. I know that's awful. I was nineteen and P. Diddy threatened my life.

I actually paid attention this time around. I read both websites like three times a week, watched all the debates, and followed all the drama on both sides (is Trig really her baby? Have they proven it yet??). I've watched more CNN in the past five months than in my entire life. Palin's pageant girl, hockey mom, joe six-pack lover-cover-up for stupidity made me sick, Obama's lack of experience made me worried. I had to look up Maverick a couple times before I figured out that is doesn't just mean cow. I pretty much disliked them all.

I almost didn't vote, but I had to set a good example. So at 7:05am, I made my decision... I would vote. At 7:12, I changed my mind. At 8:20, I changed back and filled in the little voting bubble. I'm a last minute kind of gal.

Four minutes ago, I watched John McCain deliver a very touching speech. Two minutes ago, I watched the first African American president in history make an equally moving speech. History happened today. You were there Mads, crinkling up my ballot and helping me make my decision.

I'm just glad it's over.

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