Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Into Position

My fears that Madelynn will never crawl are pretty silly. This baby will crawl, she just won't be doing it early by any developmental standards. Maybe she'll be a little late, or maybe she'll be just plain average, but it will happen. We've finally reached a new stage in the crawling experience, balancing and rocking, but moving only a few centimeters. Backwards. Screw that whole 'crawl to the toy' thing, Mady has decided to practice retreating instead. If she's ever attacked by a killer snail, she may be able to "outrun" it as long as she has plenty of time to see it coming.

I told one of my friends how excited I was that Mads was now able to get into the crawling position.

Supposed Friend: Isn't that what babies do? They crawl, Aimee.
Me: No shit, but they don't crawl out of the womb! They have to learn it.
Supposed Friend: But that's what they do. She's a baby.

I doubt my friend's future children will have any baby books.

So here's our super baby attempting to make her Mommy and Daddy squeal with excitement.

Of course it worked.

Why is that baby half nakey in the second picture? There's a constant stream of drool falling from this baby's mouth today. She had soaked through two bibs and two shirts before I said 'fuck it' and just stripped her down. It's ridiculous.

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