Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh Politics

As much as pageant princess Sarah Palin drove me insane, I almost feel sorry for her now that her own camp is throwing her straight under the bus.

Although, even I knew that Africa was a continent. Maybe I'll start preparing myself to run for a future election. Hey, I'm obviously qualified right?

I really don't have time to feel all this yucky compassion for the hockey mom, as tomorrow is my baby's half birthday! I have a little cake for Jeffrey and I, a big juicy pear for the birthday girl, and a couple toys all wrapped up in pretty paper for her to crinkle and chew on. I'm still down a couple party hats and noise makers, but it's still early and Card and Party Outlet doesn't close 'til nine. A little overboard for a half birthday? At least I didn't send out invitations.

Unfortunately for the birthday babe, she has a well baby visit scheduled for 10:15 tomorrow. Shots on your half birthday? It should be illegal. When you elect me your new president and commander in chief, I'll sign my scribbly signature all over that bill proposing no vaccines on half b-days. I'm down with the 'real' issues in this country.

Vote Aimee '12!

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