Monday, November 24, 2008

I Need Stanley Steamer, Stat!

I'd like to slap the genius who made organic maple teething biscuits. I'd also like to slap the guy who designed their packaging for not putting a warning label stating, "Not for use with infants wearing white pants, or those dwelling in apartments with beige carpet."

Also, the Nuby sippy cup factory for saying that their sippies are leak proof. Let's ask my carpet if those sippy cups are leak proof shall we?

"So carpet, what do you think about those Nuby sippy cups and their claim of being absolutely leak proof?"

The carpet is having a hard time coming up with a reply, as it's sputtering in a big puddle of watered down baby juice. If it weren't drowning, I'm sure it would simply say, "Shananigans!!"

At least all that juice is covering up the brown biscuit stains. I think I need to buy a rug.

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