Monday, November 24, 2008

Haha Sippy Cup

I was at work this morning and Josh walks up and says, "Jeff's on line one. He wants to know what goes in a sippy cup."

For a second, I thought he was kidding, but I could see the little line one light flashing. The next second, I thought maybe Jeffrey just wanted to say 'hi' and was using the sippy cup as an excuse. Sadly, I was wrong. He was serious.

Jeffrey: What goes in a sippy cup?
Me: A tiny bit of juice and some water.
Jeffrey: Well duh, I know that. Where's the juice?
Me: Uhh, it's in the fridge, Jeffrey.
**Over my shoulder**
Farrah: He's kidding right? Is he serious? No, he's kidding. He's kidding? Oh my God, is he serious? What goes in a sippy cup? Tell me he's kidding.
Jeffrey: But what does it look like?
Me: Jeffrey. Seriously. It's the jug of juice in the refrigerator.
Jeffrey: The stuff in the jug?

By the time I left at 1:30, many jokes had been cracked about teaching Jeffrey how to pump milk from his man-boobs, or going home to find Mads passed out with a sippy cup full of vodka.

It was kinda funny.

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