Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Morning Math

I signed up to be a guide with ChaCha.com so I could make a little extra money during nap times. ChaCha is an answer service where people send in a question via text message, I find the answer on the internet, and then send it back through the ChaCha toolbar. Totally easy. The rate is only ten cents a question, but I figured if I answered a lot of questions, it would be all good. So I'm doing this last night, and I'm averaging about eight minutes per question (hey, I'm new), but let's just pretend that I can answer all the questions in five minutes. Let's also pretend that the questions are back to back, bing, bang, boom (which they aren't). There are twelve, five minute segments, in one hour. Twelve times ten cents comes out to $1.20. If I work for two hours, I'll make just enough money to buy one gallon of gas, which should be just enough gas to get me home from the gas station.

What a crock.

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