Thursday, November 27, 2008


Part one of our very first Thanksgiving (as a family of three) was spent with Jeffrey's family in Florida. Granted the party took place over the webcam, but it was still the perfect start for Mads' first major holiday. Mads showed off for Jeffrey's parents and brother, crawling a half foot, climbing up our legs, smiling and shrieking her own version of Happy Thanksgiving. After our goodbyes, we packed up the car with all of our baby/turkey-day gear and headed for part two. We went early so that Mads could get used to the new atmosphere before all those loud people showed up (she's such a total home-body, just won't nap anywhere else). Mads and Pappy rolled around on the floor while I acted like I was helping Mum, and Jeffrey slept in front of the T.V.

Now let's talk mushrooms since I've been unnaturally obsessed with them for the last three days (I obviously don't have a lot going on, huh?). Since I had such a tough time finding the stupid cayenne pepper, I just could not bear using only a quarter tablespoon of it, so I put a whole one in the bowl. Those were the best damn stuffed shrooms I've ever had, and they sure packed a hell of a punch. That red pepper stuff is spicy! I was so proud of my kick ass hors' dourve success that I took pictures.

So dinner. Mum made ham. On Thanksgiving. Where's the fracking turkey? I don't even eat pig! Luckily, Tammy walked in with the most fabulous turkey that I have ever eaten, so Mum was off the hook. I know Mads is a little too young to experience the euphoric effects of a huge turkey dinner, but I figured she was just old enough to have a little taste of the goodness. One scoop of mashed potatoes and one mangled noodle excited that baby like nothing ever has. She grabbed baby fistful after baby fistful of mashed potatoes and shoved them right in her mouth, "chewed" and smiled. It was insane. My baby is so freaking big.

And then my cousin showed up with her nine day old baby boy. My baby is so freaking big. Ethan weighs two pounds more than Mads did at birth, yet I was too afraid to even hold him for fear that I would break him. Was Mads really that small? When I finally sucked it up and cuddled that baby, I almost burst into tears because I really can't remember Mads being so little like that, all scrunched up and soft and new. Do you know how sad that makes me? I've been sniffling about it since we got home.

Finally, with dinner done, Mady grumpy, and me teary eyed, we packed all of our gear back up and got ready to leave. Mum sent me home with half a bottle of Sutter Home and I'm on my second glass as I type this. My big baby is sleeping off the thrills of her first Thanksgiving, and I'm hoping to get a little buzz to finish off this long day and forget the heartache I feel about babies growing up.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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