Saturday, November 1, 2008

No More Tube

Madelynn does not watch T.V. I'm going to listen to the AAP and wait until she's about two before I even let her look at the screen. I have my own problems paying attention, I don't need to give my kid any. The boob tube is pretty much always on in this apartment, usually on some silly news channel (except Fox, those biased asses), but it's really just the source of background noise. Neither Jeffrey or I actually watch it. We haven't had a problem with Madelynn, because we simply sit her facing in the opposite direction. Well she's way too smart for us now. This baby can pivot! When I set her on the floor, facing away from the television, she puts her little hands down in front of her, wiggles her butt and moves her legs until she is turned completely around. I don't think she actually has any desire to watch CNN, but since it's the main noise source when I'm not talking, it's her favorite place to turn to. She probably thinks Sarah Palin is her other, much smaller and 100 times more annoying, Mommy. Oh the horror. So it is with great sadness that I turn off my beloved picture box, never to be powered on again before the hour of eight pm. I guess we'll be listening to the Beatles quite a bit more in this house. Maybe I'll start waking up a couple hours before Mads so I can get some current events in. Haha.

Good thing The Hills doesn't come on 'til ten.

Without any T.V. watching, Madelynn finally gets to play with one of the toys that we try to keep away from her. Go ahead and push those buttons, baby!

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