Friday, December 19, 2008

Sleep on Me

The sleep situation around this joint needs to change. To get Mads to take a nap, I either have to lay down and let her sleep on my chest, or I have to lay beside her and cuddle real close the entire time. With this set-up, I can't sneeze/move/breathe/scratch my foot/etc. for up to two hours. The second I try to set her down, she's awake and she's pissed about it. If I sneak away while we're laying side by side, she figures it out within fifteen minutes, and then she's awake and pissed about it. I get so frustrated because as I'm laying on the couch/bed/floor with Babe on my chest, I'm looking around and noticing all the things that I could be doing. Laundry in the dryer, dishes in the sink, a hot shower. All things that I should be doing, but instead I'm playing mattress to a seven month old for six hours a day. Forget trying to do all those things when she's awake, this kid is into everything. I mean everything.

I read all these "success" stories about babies that were Ferberized, and I'm so jealous. I could never leave Mads alone in the dark to cry, but I tell you, sometimes I think about it. Or should I say fantasize about it? I see myself laying Babe down in her crib, singing a shortened version of You are my Sunshine, then skipping off to take a nice long bath, complete with candles and a book. Out of the tub, I still have over an hour to do all the things I need to do, plenty of time to clean this place up and finish a load of laundry. With all of the chores done, I hear Mads giggling in her crib, and when I go in to get her, I find a well rested, happy baby waiting for me. Three hours later, I would have another nice break for myself. What a happy day it would be.

Oh to dream.

At least I only have to lay with her for one short hour to get her to sleep at night. Oh sigh.

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