Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She Loves Us

Mads is suffering from an awful case of separation anxiety. I can't even turn the corner, heaven forbid she can't see me, she turns into a screaming mess, gasping for air and teary-eyed. She's permanently attached to my ass. A sleepy baby needs Mommy. A baby with a boo-boo needs Mommy. A hungry/grumpy/hot/cold/thirsty/bored baby needs Mommy. A smiley baby needs... Daddy. She spends a lot of time on my lap, whether she's playing with toys or having a snack, I'm the best seat in the house. If she crawls away to go stand at the coffee table (her favorite play area at the moment), she looks back every five seconds to make sure I didn't go anywhere, then crawls back over and tries to sit back down on me (she doesn't have the best aim, and usually plops her butt onto my knee).

In other news, while I'm the holder of all things teary, Jeffrey is the holder of the smiles. The second he walks into the room, Mads' eyes light up, she grins wide, and giggles/babbles until Jeffrey picks her up. She absolutely adores him.

Am I jealous? Maybe just a smidge. I love being the comforter, the go-to gal of the house, but occasionally I would appreciate an easy smile once in a while, too. I feel like I have to work for giggles, whereas Jeffrey can just stand there doing nothing. It's just a little unfair.

I still like my role better though, so I'll stop complaining right now. Promise.

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