Monday, January 12, 2009


After my last couple posts, I'm sure that I've convinced some people that I'm slightly unstable. Well I'm about to take it a step further.

When I was little, I used to name everything. I had a freckle named Barnabas, a couple chicken pox named after the seven dwarfs, and every random boo-boo was named either Oscar or Chops. My Mum used to help me with the names, and we'd also make up stories to go with their lives. It's not that I was some creative genius or anything, I was just lonely. There weren't any other kids to play with, so I spent my days hanging out with Billy Ray and Reba (the best imaginary friends a girl could have), and naming everything I saw. Although I don't need imaginary friends anymore (even though the imaginary ones are a lot nicer sometimes), I still name everything. No, I don't mean that I still name my scabs... I name Madelynn's instead.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce Henrietta.

Isn't she pretty? Henrietta is the seventh character of our story to move into Mouth City. Now Henrietta used to live behind door 3T, in the apartment building that is my baby's head. She spent her days working as an enamelist, and spent her nights cuddled up to her true love, Antonio. Henrietta and Antonio were sick of living in that little apartment building, so they decided that it was time to relocate to the best city in the head, Mouth City. Henrietta came first, leaving Antonio behind to tie up the loose ends of their past life. Antonio plans to join her shortly, but what they don't know is that Paula and Abdul (sibling teenagers always making trouble) will inevitably come between their relationship.

Henrietta and Antonio will become estranged, unable to even look at each other. A few years later, Henrietta and Antonio will leave Mouth City separately, but they will mysteriously find themselves living merely three doors down from one another in Tooth Fairy Square. Antonio will find Henrietta in the Fairy Cafe, sipping on fluoride tea and looking as beautiful as ever. Their love will be rekindled, and shortly after, they will become the proud parents of two beautiful children (names to be decided). These children will one day return to the city that ripped their parents apart, and find themselves flanking Abdul and Paula (fresh from their stint in Toofer Rehab, stronger, smarter, and with a better attitude) becoming their lifelong friends.

These four friends will one day fight side-by-side in the war against Tooth Decay. Go Teeth!

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