Friday, January 30, 2009

Step It Up and Dance

Today, Madelynn was walking down the hallway, using the wall to keep upright. When she got to the bathroom door frame, she launched herself to the other side, taking two steps to get there, and only slightly smashed herself into the other frame. She took two steps! Without holding on!! It was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen. Ever.

And, she dances to music. I've been trying to get it on video, but she apparently has performance anxiety or something, because she won't shake her butt when the little red light is blinking. I'll get it though, she can't hold out forever.

Here's some pictures totally unrelated to this post:

[Trying to get on her pony all by herself]

[Just looking silly]

[Favorite toy of the morning]

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cecilia said...

OMG! She is incredible...thank you for posting all this wonderful and amazing things that my granddaughter is doing...It makes us feel a little closer even though we are so far...Yeah! for Mady...By the way, Jeff was a great dancer when he was that age...Does he still dance? Love Cecy