Wednesday, February 18, 2009



-loves the dishwasher. If she sees it open from across the room, it's a baby-mad-dash to get to the kitchen before I close it.
-likes: Cheerios, cheese, pasta, bread, carrots, yogurt, string beans, pears, apples, eggs, grapes, and strawberries. She tolerates everything else I feed her.
-drinks from a cup, a sippy, or a straw, depending on what is closest. Her favorite (and the messiest), is the cup.
-crawls down from bed in the morning without a peep, and roams the bedroom.
-will probably be sleeping with us until she goes to college.
-maxed out her walking abilities at six steps. We're trying for seven today.
-wears 6-9 months, and size three diapers.
-carries a wooden spoon or a stuffed puppy everywhere she goes.
-loves bath-time, pony-time, and being on shoulders.
-dances with Mommy for about an hour a day.
-loves her highchair(s).
-is amazed by: windows, light switches, door stops, cupboard doors, phone chargers, and playstation controllers.
-hates hats, bows, bibs, and getting dressed. Won't sit still for diaper changes, feeding sessions, or nail clippings.
-speed crawls, stumble walks, and kitty tackles.
-will not tolerate being in her pack-n-play, her crib, or her car seat longer than absolutely necessary.
-bumps her head 23,456 times a day, and always has a little cut on one of her fingers, little bruises on her knees, and a red mark on her nose.
-bites really hard.
-likes to open mail, stick stickers, and eat paper scraps.
-chews on shoes, slippers, and purses.
-knows what "NO" means, but doesn't care.
-goes to bed at 7:00 and wakes up at 7:30. She nurses about 23,456 times a night, but we both sleep through it, so that number is just an estimate.
-loves to cuddle. While playing, she drops what she's doing to give me a hug, and then back to playing.
-will not look at the camera, smile for a picture, or do anything amazing when the red light is blinking. She will however chew on the camera if given the opportunity.
-hides the remote control in weird places: under the table, in her toy basket, behind the trash can in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and under her pony.
-is ticklish on her feet, on her sides, and the back of her thighs.
-lifts her arms when getting undressed, when I'm putting the tray on the highchair, or when she hears the words "So Big!"
-plays guitar, the drums, and the piano.
-knows when she's doing something that she shouldn't, does it anyways.
-always wakes up before I finish a blog post.

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Anonymous said...

That's a lot of nursings in one night!!!! :)