Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Like Santa's Crappiest Elf

Mads gets sick of her toys pretty easily. She's always looking for something bigger (or smaller) and better (or chokeable) to play with. When I'm not blogging during nap-time, I try to make her a toy out of random things around the house. Yesterday was rice and beads in a baby bottle (super easy, and a total hit), but I've made about 50 variations of that same toy using different containers, so I needed something else. The day before it was a Cheerio necklace, which she liked, but it was way messy. My plan today was to make my best toy yet.

Paper plates, dried beans, and scrap ribbon. Super cute, right?


Only lasts for about 28 seconds after it reaches baby hands. If I could start over, I would have used a few paper plates on each side so that it wouldn't dent too easily.

Tomorrow: Pretzel People. It looks great in my head, but then again so did that paper plate thing. Edible is always better though, even if the toy sucks, there's still snack involved. Too bad I can't feed her dried beans.

You can see the remnants of yet another craptastic toy that didn't work out in the background. Where my toys lack quality, they make up for with cute. My vacation bible school teacher would be so proud.

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Anonymous said...

Those are good ideas!!! I want to see a picture of the pretzel people!