Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally, New Perfume!

After my not so subtle hinting about my desire for new perfume, Jeffrey took me to the perfume capital of Centre County (Macy's). I sniffed every scent on all the counters, sprayed little card after little card, and marveled over the elaborate packaging of perfume these days (I'm not old, I just don't shop for perfume very often). My Mum has a very extensive perfume collection, some of them dating back to the 80's I believe, and every bottle is basically the same. Clear square bottle, pink, clear, or yellow perfume. Period. Now though, bottles shaped like fruits, bottles with chains and charms, and a few bottles that showed an eerie resemblance to sex toys (two gifts for the price of one?). I tried to ignore the free gifts, not wanting to choose my new signature scent based on the cuteness of the free tote, or the novelty of the odd shaped bottle glittering with gemstones. By the time we hit the third counter, my sense of smell had been desensitized to the point that I couldn't smell a damn thing. That's when I gave up, threw my hands in the air and told Jeffrey I'd like a bottle of my same old same old... again.

But on the way out, I spritzed this on my wrists:

It comes with NO free gift, and it isn't even shaped like a phallus!

Oh yeah, and I smell freaking awesome. Happy V-Day to me!

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