Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Lapse in Sanity

You can always tell who dressed my kid. If she's wearing blue pants, a pink shirt, purple socks with yellow polka-dots, and a green bow, well then that was most obviously Jeffrey. A onesie that says "Summer Love" worn in January? Jeffrey. Halloween outfit in February (before going out to lunch)? Jeffrey. Covered in drool, cheerio crumbs, and the yogurt she had for breakfast? Totally Jeffrey.

Entire ensemble holding at least one matching color, hair cutesy, and face clean? Yeah, that would be me. All the time. It doesn't matter if we're not going to leave the house, I just like her to match. I take a lot of pictures, I would like her to be presentable at all times, camera ready from sun up to sun down.

So who dressed this kid? Well that would be me. I don't know what happened. I think I started with the onesie with blue pants, then she dropped something on the pants so I threw on BabyLegs, then it got a little chilly so I added the sweatshirt. Or maybe I just dressed her that way in some kind of early morning delusional episode. I honestly can't remember.

Anyways, I guess there are two points here. First, Jeffrey isn't always the culprit when Mads is the mismatched kid, so stop blaming him. And second, how freaking cute does she look with polka-dots/stripes/neutrals/neons all mixed into one outfit? This kid can totally pull off whatever disaster we put her in.

Poor kid.

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Me said...

Lol! My Dh is the same way. He's put an onesie on Ds backwards!