Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Madelynn mum-mum-mums all over the house when she's hungry, tired, or bored. Sleepy baby? Mum-mum. Fell and smashed your head off the coffee table? Mum-mum. Can't catch the cat? Mum-mum while crying.

So what is mum-mum? Is it a distorted version of mama? I guess it could be, but not in this case. Does it in any way mean Mommy? No, not really.

Mum-mum = boob. She says it when she wants to nurse, which means she says it all day long while yanking on my shirt (since nursing is the cure to all things unpleasant).

Cute? Totally. Err, well, it was at first, ya know, when I thought she was calling me mama. But now that I know she only sees me as a walking, talking breast, I'm just a little worried. If boob = mum-mum, what is she going to call me?

It's a good question.

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Bohemia Momma said...

LOL! That is EXACTLY what Alexander does when he's fussy for any reason. I still say he's saying mama. Though it would be nice if he would for once say dada when he's fussy. Or, you know, at all.