Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Madelynn Who?

On this blog, I write about Madelynn using her real name, or I shorten it to Mads or Mady. You know this, so you're probably wondering why I feel the need to tell you. Or maybe you're not wondering at all and I'm just writing to the crickets here, but my point to this post is that I never call her those things in real life (except Mads, but I usually shorten it even further to just plain Mad). I'm surprised the kid even knows her name, she only hears it maybe twice a week. So what do I call her? A better question would be 'what don't I call her'.

Babe, Baby, Babs, Bonzo, Bubble, Booger, Boob, Boobie, and Butt.
Pookie, Dookie, Pookie Bubble, Pookie Dookie, Pookie Face, Bubble Face, Dookie Butt, Pookie Butt, and Bubble Butter.
Hieny Whiner, Turkey Lurker, and Oopsie Pooper.
Pooper Scooper, Poop Face, Poop Butt, and Poopy-Dooper.
Drool Master, Ankle Biter, and Looky-do.
Champ, Sport, and Cootie Princess.
Millie, Silly Millie, Millie-Lynn, and Millie Tilly.
Crazy Jane, Monster Mash, and Skipper-Doodle.
Kid, Yo Kid, Crazy Kid, and Kid-Mitten.

I could go on forever, but I won't. I think you get the idea.

Crazy Jane, Millie-Lynn, and Turkey Lurker are probably the most common, followed closely by Poop Face and Kid-Mitten. Funny though, I don't even know anyone named Jane.

Spell check went freaking crazy on this one.

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Bohemia Momma said...

I have begun to worry about this myself. I only call him Alexander when he's doing something he shouldn't (which is increasing in incidents every day).

I call him:
Boogie, Booger, Baby, Bubba, Goober, Boober (he's not a boob baby...), Monkey, Stinky

There has to be more but my brain does not work right at the moment.