Friday, February 20, 2009

Make Me Under

The "make-over party" was exactly what I thought it would be. Pink Cadillac drivin', Mary-Kay pushers trying to sell me forty-five dollar eye shadow and a dream job. The make-up remover couldn't get all my mascara off, the facial cleanser made my skin sticky, they had me in '80s-esque streaky blush, and my Denim Blue eye-makeup made me look like a drag queen. A drag queen with a very noticeable tumor on her his forehead.

My face looked better before Mary Kay. I'll stick to my three dollar Cover Girl blush and bronzer

At one point, I must have slipped out of reality (or maybe it was into a coma) because I remember thinking, "Dude, I could totally sell Mary Kay. This is like, the best frickin' job EVER!" Haha. Those chicks are good. Or maybe they spiked the Sprite.

I did have fun though, it was nice to be just one of the girls for a couple hours.

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