Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today's Been

Busy. Jeffrey has off so we've spent the day running all the errands that I've been putting off for like, years (life's hard with one car). Everyone needs to haul ass to Walmart, they had an end-cap of cleaning products on 2 for 5, and there were some really spectacular deals (4 pack Magic Erasers for $5!!) I now have enough cleaning junk to start a Merry Maid service.

We did find thirty seconds to take a picture:


The Pretzel People were a total bust, but my little banana man was a hit:

She had already removed his stick legs and blueberry hat before I took the picture. The Cheerio eyes fell off as she was picking it up. I said it was a hit, not that it was a good idea.

I'm going to this make-over thing at 6:30, which is great because I have a massive tumor on my forehead. Maybe Ms. Make-up Lady can hide that sucker with her Mary-Kay magic, or whatever it is. Perhaps I'll have pictures of a more glamorous Aimee to post when I get home.


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Anonymous said...

Cute pics!! Hope you had a good time at your party!