Friday, February 13, 2009

Nine Month Well-Baby

So Mads had her nine month today, and when they measured her, they told me she was 27in. Now wait, she was 27 and 1/4in three months ago, so you're trying to tell me she shrunk?? Not possible, not possible at all, she can reach things that she never could, and I swear she's way taller than she used to be. They measured her three times, and got 27in each time. So now they're saying that they must have messed up the measurements at the last visit, because babies don't get shorter. I have no idea how tall this baby is, or how tall she used to be, and I'm a little sad that it's going to mess up my baby book. :(

As for weight, she dropped down to the 25th percentile weighing 16lbs. 13 oz. I asked if I should try to fatten her up a bit, but her ped. said that slow weight gain was to be expected because she's a booby baby, and it's nothing to worry about.

So am I worried? No. (Well, maybe just a tad when I think about her shrinking.) The kid has rolls, she's not skinny. I wouldn't expect her to be a big baby, Jeffrey and I are both little people, if she were huge, we'd have to worry that she was really the product of some kind of alien invasion or something.

No shots today, although they did prick her finger to check her iron. She was in the normal range, so I guess all that iron cereal has done it's job.

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cecilia said...

Aimee, thank you for the good laugh...I am also shrinking, I used to be 5.6 now I am 5.5 but that is because I am the Abuelita, and I am also an Alien from Ecuador, how you like that one, ha, ha, ha...and for the rolls, those are cute baby rolls, not muscle rolls...besides she is doing a lot of exercise with her walking, climbing, laughing, posing for pictures, specially the last one...LOL