Thursday, March 5, 2009

From the Vault ~ Baby Shower

My cake, made by my beautiful and talented sister

My diaper cake, made by my beautiful and talented Mum

We kept the top of the cake to eat on Mads' first birthday, kind of like a wedding

A fat me and an ecstatic Mum

My Mum planned my shower. She bought invitations, planned shower games, and cooked for hours. I remember when we were leaving for the shower, Mum and I were talking about how it would be super crazy if I popped that baby out at the shower. See, Mum and I were positive that Mads would come early. I was just so fat, and she was so active (plus she was so low that she was pushing my bladder out of my body, which is a really gross experience btw). Little did we both know that I would carry Mads past my due date. As uncomfortable as I was at that shower, I still had another 4 weeks of weight gain and heartburn to suffer through. Eh, she was worth it.

My 89 year old grandmother was in attendance, and I didn't think of it at the time, but it was really an amazing thing. She died two months later, shortly after celebrating her 90th birthday. A newborn Mads was there, and it was the only time she met her great-grandmother.

*I know the picture quality sucks. I actually took pictures of pictures, and that's why they look so crappy.

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