Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Good Way to Spend a Tuesday

I've been on the constant hunt for Robeez knockoffs. I refuse to buy the real thing, but Mads really needed some shoes to wear for when we're not home (so she's not tramping around on dirty floors in white socks). I finally found a pair, an eight-dollar on clearance pair, and was so elated by my total steal that I couldn't walk by that picture booth without stopping.

Yes, a stinky-God-only-knows-how-the-last-person-that-was-in-there-lives-with-all-that-body-odor booth. The booth that is covered in germs and a haze of semi-visible viruses so deadly just plain gross that you can actually taste them crawling around in there. Can you tell I have issues with photo booths?

Careful to keep Mads from touching any surface in there whatsoever, we all piled in and wrestled with the curtains that no one can ever get closed.

The body-odor coffin takes three pictures, then you choose which one you want Rembrandt to draw for you.

That was the best one. I really wish I could show you the other two.

I swear Jeffrey isn't on drugs. That's just his face. Bwahahaha! :)

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