Monday, March 9, 2009

The Sectional Saga

So, you remember this post, where I told you that Jeffrey had given me the go ahead to sell the sofa and love seat in the spare bedroom? No? Well he did. Anyways, I put them in an ad on Craigslist, along with other various crap that I wanted out of that room. On a whim, I also put up an ad for the sectional that's in my living room. It's not really that I wanted to sell the sectional right away, I really just wanted to see how much I could get for it, so that I could sell it in the future. I've been hiding portions of tip money away in hopes of saving up enough to buy a new living room. The process is slow going, as I only work two days a week, and I've only been saving about twenty dollars at a time. It was going to take awhile. We're talkin' like a year here.

I'm getting side-tracked. So I put the sectional on Craigslist, and this was my ad word for word:

Ginormous Sectional - $350 (Our town)
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-02-20, 9:42PM EST
OBO. Huge sectional, gray, blue, green, and mauve? I guess. Two recliners with a little wooden tray thing with cup holders (it opens to a little storage space) and arm rest. Other end has a big pull out bed. How big? I dunno, it's pretty big though. One back cushion has a nice sized hole, but if you know how to use a needle and thread, I'm sure you can fix it. The one recliner's pully thing fell off ages ago, but it's been "replaced". Includes all kinds of random junk and change that has fallen into the recliner end. That thing is like a black hole, you drop something down there, you'll never see it again. If you want to see it, or sit on it, I'm pretty much home ALL the time, so just email me. It's three pieces and the piece with the recliners is HEAVY, so you better have some upper body strength to get it out of here. We live on the third floor but someone here (not me) will help you. Bring a truck, I don't deliver. Thanks for looking!

Cute right? I thought it was funny, but I was honestly surprised by how many responses I got. First of all, that thing is not worth 350 bucks. I mean seriously, it has a huge hole in it. I saved that thing from a dumpster about a year ago. Secondly, my ad was a little too honest (not to mention the fact that it makes me sound like a total flake), no one wants 600 pennies stuck in their new sofa. No one.

So this one guy, he emails me about the sectional. I never got back to him because that was when I was dying from the death flu, so he sent me a follow-up email:

Dear Sir or Madam, If it is still available, I am still greatly interested in the "Ginormous Sectional" you have posted as being for sale on Craigslist. While I am saddened by the complete lack of response to my first e-mail, as long as we have an opportunity to first measure the couch to make certain it will fit in our small apartment, we are willing to make a deal.Please keep me informed. ~Clayton

Kinda snarky right? So I replied with this:

I have been incredibly saddened by the narovirus, and I couldn't care less about your feelings, dude. I still have the couch. You're lucky I didn't vomit all over it these past three days. Call [phone number] and talk to my fiance. Your passive-aggressive email has made my already floppy tummy turn over.

I can be snarky, too. So this guy never emailed me back, and I just assumed that he was no longer interested (nor did I care, he was a jerk). I totally forgot about the whole thing. It was like, a whole freakin' month ago.

Fast forward to today. I had to work a double today, but I was able to come home at 1:30 for a few hours break. When I walked in our apartment, I was surprised to see two strange people standing in my living room. When I say strange, I mean that quite literally, these people were strange. I gave a tentative hello, and the guy closest to me responded with: "I'm glad to see you're feeling better." Total light bulb moment. I knew exactly who he was. "That was you!!" Indeed it was. He handed Jeffrey a $100 deposit and left, stating that he'd bring the rest of the money when he picked up the sectional in a couple days.

Whoa. This was not the plan. I have a couple dilemmas here, the first one being that I can't sell that guy our sectional for 350 dollars. I mean really, we got the thing for free, sat on it for a year, and then I was mean to the guy to boot! Morally, that's just wrong, right? Second, after dude-man picks up his overpriced junk sectional, we won't have any furniture. We still have the sofa and love seat, but they're already sold, I'm just waiting for them to be picked up. We'll be sitting on the floor. At least we have carpet, right?

I made a mess. Although, my furniture fund grew substantially in the past three days. Maybe we'll have new couches before 2010 after all. Well, at least I should hope so.


Anonymous said...

LOVED your response to him!! LOL!!!! I hope you're able to get your furniture soon!!

H_R_03 said...

haha i would have totally emailed him the same reply but im totally shy about that kind of stuff, so i would have just pretened in my head. well hope you guys get new stuff! we got new stuff with tax money!

cecilia said...

Way to go Aimee... I have a whole bunch of stuff that belongs to be boys... Would you be able to help me sell all that, and more...I see you in Florida and I will have everything ready for you...LOL