Monday, April 20, 2009

How Did I Live Without You?

I'm talking about baby wipes.

Cheap wipes, natural wipes, Pampers, Huggies, unscented, pop-top, non-pop-top... I love them all.

I have a box of wipes in nearly every room in this apartment. The kitchen box mops up spills and surface cleans. The bathroom box picks up loose powder on the sink and removes eye make-up. The box in the living room keeps Babe's face crumb-free and sparkling. I dust with them, I detail my car with them, and they're uber-convenient for wiping off that sticky mystery gunk that Babe left on my arm. Seriously, how did I live without these handy-dandy-wipey-cloths? Occasionally, I even use them for their intended purpose and wipe my kid's ass with them!

Madelynn is a total butt snob, her pretty little rear will only allow Pampers Sensitive to remove poop. My Mum is always bringing over boxes of wipes, but she brings Parent's Choice or some Target brand, and those are the ones that end up strewn all over the house. Literally:

*WARNING* Do not leave a box of diapers or wipes alone with this child.

Parent's Choice are my personal fave, very durable and unscented. You could mop your kitchen floor with one of those suckers.

Maybe I'll try that today.

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Gabes hot mama said... that gabe is potty trained for over a year now i still have wipes in the car...but for my messes not his anymore.