Monday, April 20, 2009


Meredith Dolly, age unknown, was crushed in a tragic ottoman accident at 10am Monday morning.

Although her wounds were superficial (after a quick fluffing, she was promptly released from Dolly International Hospital), the emotional trauma from the hit and run has left Ms. Dolly unable to speak, walk, or feed herself. Cards and donations can be sent to Meredith Dolly at the Children's Toys Rehabilitation Center.

The prime suspect in this violent attack, Madelynn Olivia (11 months), was spotted by numerous witnesses fleeing the scene. If you have any information on Madelynn's whereabouts, please contact your local authorities.

Thank you.


Gabes hot mama said...

and im sorry to hear about the doll...what a short life she lived without any injuries. lol

Anonymous said...

yes the last time I saw her she was dancing in a video with jeff prob. right after th accident.