Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let Me Clear My Throat

When Mads was about three months old, she started this fake coughing thing. In the beginning of this uber-annoying cutesy habit, I think she just did it for attention. If I had ignored the coughing, it probably would have been a short-lived annoyance, but I made a very grave mistake... I coughed back. Now the fake cough is used to show excitement, to replace a giggle, or to drive me insane. It's cute in fifty second increments, but just be glad you don't live in my living room.

So here's the fake cough, mixed in with a little babbly-wabbly-singy-winging*:

"Let me clear my throat! OH! Have mercy babe, hah! I hope ya don't mind!**"

*Say it five times fast. I dare you.

**This is the only time EVER that I can throw a DJ Kool lyric in my blog. Seriously, don't let me do it again.

1 comment:

cecilia said...

It looks like we have a singer in the family. She is so adorable...LOL