Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April First!!

And you know what that means, right? I'm a prankster. All year long. I flip the toilet paper in bathrooms at parties (some people are really anal about the over vs. under), or shove pennies in the roll so that they fall out whenever someone pulls on it. Marbles in the medicine cabinet? I've done it. Peanut butter under the car door handle? A classic. Greased toilet seats, locked bathrooms, and the funnel trick*... I'm a pro.

Poor Jeffrey. In honor of the prankster holiday, I've pulled some hidden gems from my store of evil things to do to people. There's egg dye tablets in both of our shower heads (he'll be green or pink for a couple days, depending on his bathroom preference), the cup trick* is planned and ready to go, the parental controls that I set on his Playstation will keep him from playing anything more gruesome than Dora the Explorer, and there's a thin film of Vaseline on pretty much everything that he's going to touch. I also glued his shoes to the floor, but I've never attempted that one before, so I don't know how it will turn out.

I've been trying to think of some kind of prank that I can pull on the baby, but I'm at a total loss. They all just seem so cruel. Maybe next year.

*The Funnel Trick: Get a funnel and a coin. Any coin will work, as long as it can't fit through the funnel hole. Put the funnel in the waistband of your pants. Put the coin on your head, your arms straight out to the sides, and try to drop the coin into the funnel. Practice!! So you're good at it now? Good. Show your victim your uber-fabulous new skill, and bet them that they can't do it. Make sure you have a glass of water in your hand. When they put the coin on their head and put their arms up, drop that water right down the funnel. Ew, that's wet.

*The Cup Trick: Get your glass of water back out. Lay your hand flat on the counter/table/whatever, and set the glass on the back of your hand. You better have good balance for this! Now, bet your victim that he/she can't do it with two hands. Have them place one hand flat on the table, with their other hand on top (palm down). Balance the glass on their hands and... walk away. How do you think they're gonna get out of that one without spilling the water all over the place? They're not. I promise.

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