Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Where have I been??

So my couch is finally gone. We aren't sitting on the floor (yet), but the couches currently in our living room will be gone by the end of the month. This place is huge! With that ugly sectional out of my life, I'm just now realizing how freaking ginormous our living room is. Mads and I even made carpet angels the day it was picked up (actually, I made carpet angels, Mads just jumped on my head a few times). With that furniture out of the spare room, I've been working on my play room. I bought those foam tile thingies to put on the floor, but what I thought was a pack of eight huge tiles, actually turned out to be a pack of four. FOUR! What the hell is anyone going to do with four measly tiles? Ugh.

My only dilemma/concern is figuring out where to put all the cat paraphernalia. I need to find a spot that the cat can access, but still keeps Babe from eating cat food. This is turning into a problem.

I finally grouted my mirror. That was a disaster. The tiny glass fragments that surround the inner part of the frame are completely invisible under my huge globs of grout. Next time, I'll grout the middle first, then put the glass on top (per Markus's genius instruction). At least I know now.

I've been buying random things for the apartment now that my living room overhaul has begun. One of these things was a coat rack. I asked Jeffrey to please hang it on the entry wall, and he was working on it while I was getting ready for work. I came out to check the progress, and was only slightly surprised to see that he had it upside down. I love that man.

I have about 50,000 pictures that I haven't posted, so hopefully during afternoon nap I'll be able to post a Wordless Wednesday or something. I'll load pictures that are relevant to this post if I ever get a golden opportunity, Mads is napping but the signs are telling me that it's going to be a very short one today.

I missed my blog.

ETA: OK, so it's not a play room yet. It's just an empty room with four foam tiles, but compared to what the room looked like before, this is HUGE progress. I have a little table and chairs among other big things to smoosh in there. I would like to cover the whole floor with tiles so that she can paint/color/whatever on the floor without worrying about the carpet.
Just about everything is this living room will be leaving (except the glider). So even though these are kind of like 'after' pictures, they're technically still 'before' pictures. I would like to find a new spot for Jeffrey's little gaming station (that's what the desk and chair is), but I think he would be kind of mad if I exiled him from the living room. We'll see. (We were practicing egg hunting this morning. I want her to be ready for Sunday.)
My globby mirror. It looked so much better in my head. I don't even know what to do with the thing now. I'm definitely not hanging it where anyone can see it. Maybe Jeffrey's bathroom? Haha.


cecilia said...

We miss your bloging...I love the mirror, you are very crafty...LOL

Lacey said...

I think the mirror looks good for the first attempt. Maybe Marks was right but I still really like it. The furniture looks good :) Good luck with the playroom...see ya at the shop tomorrow...and bowling ha ha