Friday, May 15, 2009

Bad Dump Truck, Bad Mommy. A Quick PSA.

Jeffrey's Mom bought Mads this little-pink-dump-truck-lookin'-thing with Lego-like blocks in it. Now Babe isn't real big on humongous Legos yet (although she does enjoy destroying my block creations), but she has always been easily excited by anything on wheels. As she should be! You can push things on wheels, knock them over, drag them behind you and occasionally, you can ride in them.

Wheels rock, and here's the proof:

She looks insanely happy, right? That little dump truck is a pretty big leap from the Pamper's boxes that she usually has to ride in. The toy also has a handle much like a wagon, which is way easier on Mommy's back. I think I took her for about 50 laps in that thing just today. We love that dump truck!

And then I saw this:

I wouldn't call this the clearest warning that I've ever seen, but it's definitely there. Now usually I'm pretty good with rules when it comes to Mads, I mean, I moved all of my cleaning supplies to a very inconvenient location just for her. I'm a warning follower. Usually. When I look at this little drawing though, I see a small child, totally unsupervised, tramping all over his/her dump truck while Mommy pees in the other room. That's just what I see in my head. That is not what was going on in this apartment. In this apartment, the child is supervised, I'm holding the handle and pulling her around the room, and I'm definitely not peeing. So that warning couldn't possibly be for me, or my situation, right?

So Jeffrey comes home from work, and the first thing Mads does is take him to her dump truck. She's trying to climb in on top of all those silly blocks, and Jeffrey's just standing there watching her struggle. "Help that baby! Take her for a couple laps, she loves that thing!" This is what I said. And Jeffrey says "But there's a warning on the toy that says no." Oh, he's such a piss-pot, isn't he? "That warning isn't for us, give her a couple laps."

So off they go, Mads is giggling, Jeffrey's speeding up, I'm droning on and on about our new vacuum cleaner and the tiny little picture warning is completely forgotten.

Fuckin' thud. Do you know what dump trucks do? They dump. They dump dirt, blocks and little babies right on their heads. And damn, they dump hard.

Listen to the warnings on your child's toys, they really are talking to you.

*Don't worry, she has a very hard head. It wasn't anything a boob couldn't fix. No emergency here. Well, not today. Promise. Put the phone down, please. Seriously.

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Megan said...

What are you DOING tonight besides injuring your child? Will Jeff let you come over? I have a bottle of Sterling with our names on it! ha..