Friday, May 15, 2009

A Little Before & After

I'm so bad at linking to past posts, I guess I'm just lazy, but do you remember when I sold the sectional in our living room and posted pictures of what the room looked like after? No? You should pay more attention.

Here's the thing, I know that new furniture is probably no big deal to the average person, but to me, it's like a party every time I enter my living room. A truly fabulous party. Maybe it's because I've been sitting on hand-me-down couches since I moved out of my parents house, and have always dreamed of decorating with things that I picked out. Maybe it's because I bought a whole new living room with cash (the majority of it in ones) which took me forever, or maybe I'm just easy to please. Whatever the reason (I'm sure it's a combination of all three), I'm UBER-excited about my new furniture. So... I want to show it to you!!

But first, let's do a before:

Nothing really exciting here, huh?

And now:

I bought the throw pillows at Walmart for five bucks a piece (the set came with brown pillows that matched the couches, too dark), and got the baskets at Factory Card Outlet for four big ones. I want to go get another basket so it fills the bottom of the coffee table (I think they have bright blue, or maybe a purple one?). I'm still on the hunt for a cute lamp and a big, bright rug, but hopefully it will all come together soon.

You love it, right? Who cares what you think, I'm flippin' ecstatic. I tried to convince Jeffrey that he should let me paint the entertainment stand lime green, just until we get a new one. He wasn't thrilled with the idea. Lime green would totally go with my decor though!

I don't ever have to be an adult, right?


H_R_03 said...

ohh yes i say lime green all the way! it while hes at work hehe i totally love your next front room! very cool!

Steph said...

I actually DO love it!!