Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

In honor of the Spanish holiday (Spain, right?), Jeffrey walked in the door with margaritas and Corona (he is half Ecuadorian, after all). Way to excite this Mama! Not to be outdone, I made the very best turkey-tacos ever, and Jeffrey even said they tasted just like beef. He must be sucking up.

Although it's only 7pm, I'm already starting to feel the lag from our long morning. Babe and Mason had their first swimming class today. My kid loves bath time, so I assumed that swim class would be a breeze. As usual, I was wrong. Babe isn't accustomed to seeing 16 other babies in her bath tub, nor is she too keen to flail around in four foot water. Madelynn clung to me like glue. We spent the majority of the class sitting on the edge, splashing all alone in the corner. I'm hoping our next class (on Thursday) will be more successful. Mason? He rocked it.

Megan captured this picture of the babes in the back seat. I decided to steal it off of her blog, since it is my car and my kid's arm. I'm entitled, right?

I really wish I hadn't skipped the siesta at noon. I'm exhausted, and I only have about onetwothree kajillion things to do.

At least there's margaritas.


Gabes hot mama said...

that pic is so freakin cute

Steph said...

OMG I love that last pic! That is just priceless!