Saturday, May 2, 2009


Words only. I'll do pictures in the next few (yes, few).

Thursday was the bowling banquet. Our team won 4th place!! out of 4 teams We each received twenty-one whole dollars, which when you break it down, paid for two of my games! Woot! We had good food, went over new business and old business, and I left as next year's captain. It's not because I'm good, or because I'm cool, it's because... well, I'm not really sure why. I don't know what the captain does, but I plan to be the best stinkin' captain bowler ever in the whole wide universe. Kendra, Lacey and I went on a mini-bar-tour afterwards, hitting up Sharkies, Micheal's and the Do-De, but not actually drinking anything. We did come home with a shit-ton of assorted condoms, so I guess we'll call it a successful night.

On Friday, Babe's super-fabulous birthday present arrived. I put her brand new kitchen together and we literally played with that thing for hours. I mean, hours. I'll post pictures later.

And today. Mum, Babe and I went to Altoona to shop. I bought my brand new living room, and it should be delivered on Thursday. I say "should be" because it was impossible for me to give directions from Altoona to our apartment, so the poor truck driver will probably end up somewhere in Virginia. I'm an idiot with directions. I paid cash, over one hundred dollars of it in ones. It was embarrassing. I assured the sales people that I was not a stripper, and if they wanted to make sure, they could go ahead and smell the money. I also haggled. Yes, I haggled at a furniture store. Tacky? For sure, but tacky saved me a hundred bucks.

After shopping, I finally buckled down and addressed the invitations to Mads' birthday party. I really don't want to talk about it, it's too depressing.

Hopefully I'll post pictures tonight. Hopefully.

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