Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm a 90's Kid

Jeffrey and I have been spending a ton of time on our balcony. With Babe's strict 7pm bed time, there's really nothing better to do. The "big kids" in these apartments (the ones who get to stay up until frickin' midnight) are always playing in the grass right below us. When they aren't smashing baby dolls off of rocks or throwing basketballs at the handicap signs, they're usually playing some newfangled form of patty cake. I say "newfangled" only because I never patty-caked about Miley Cyrus. Anyways, when there was a break in chanting and screaming, I busted out my favorite patty-cake for Jeffrey (who was totally speechless [confused? scared?]). Here it is, the way we used to say it (I'm sure there are other versions).

Miss Lulu had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell.
Miss Lulu went to heaven, the steamboat went to
Hello operator, give me number nine.
And if you disconnect me I will kick you from
Behind the fridgerator, there was a piece of glass.
Miss Lulu sat upon it, and shoved it up her
Ask me no more questions, tell me no more lies.
The boys are in the bathroom, zipping up their
Flies are in the kitchen, bees are in the park.
Boys and girls are kissing, in the D-A-R-K D-A-R-K-D-A-R-K ::high slaps:: dark dark dark!

Oh the good 'ole days. I could go for a challenging round of cat's cradle right about now.


All About Aleigha said...

I had forgotten all about that rhyme. Too funny, brings back the good ole innocent days!

Bohemia Momma said...

LOL, while I am a child of the 80's I still remember that one myself. Of course there was always Miss Mary Mack too but not near as dirty lol.