Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Room to Play in

After our day of fun and sun, my parents (the most super-cool people in the universe) came over to help me with Babe's play room. Mum has been spending quite a bit of time at auctions and yard sales, so they had plenty of things to fill her room with, alongside the whole plethora of plastic that was in my living room. But before I show you, I have to do a before (I'm obsessed with befores).

Room that was supposed to be a play room but wasn't at all:

I wish I had a before-before to show you, back when it was a cat's room. Oh well.

And yesterday:

Of course it's not finished yet (nothing in my life ever is), but it is a functional play-room now, and that's all I could ever dream of. Although my living room still looks like the Toys-R-Us giraffe vomited in there, it's way more organized than before. I was afraid that Mads would walk into the play-room, see all of her toys in the wrong place, and then drag them all back out to the living room. Well she surprised me by doing the opposite, dragging toys from the living room into the play-room. I think it's gonna work out, and I'm a pretty happy person right now.

Thanks Mum and Daddy!


All About Aleigha said...

Loooks great, wish our playroom looked like that!

Bohemia Momma said...

Since we are currently TTC, pretty soon the room I am currently sitting in will transform into Alex's bedroom. All of the toys will reside in here and I can't wait!! Of course, once his toys are in here that means that newbie baby gear will be back out in the living room. Oh well.
Love the playroom! We have that same green push/riding toy. Alex loves to push it around but still hasn't mastered riding it and moving forward lol