Friday, June 12, 2009

Insult to Injury... Pile it on!

I wasn't really mad at Jeffrey for the popsicle and light bulb incident, I was only slightly perturbed and even somewhat amused. I mean, who wouldn't laugh at that?

Babe likes brushing her teeth. Loves it. Problem is, she's not very good at it, so after she sucks all of the toothpaste off, I reapply and re-brush. Gotta keep those pearly whites pearly, right? Well Mads hates it when I brush her teeth. She bats the toothbrush away, turns her head and screams. It's awful. So this morning while brushing teeth, we had a full bathroom, Jeffrey, Mads and me. After I had finished mine, I prepared to stick my face in the lion's mouth once again. But then I thought, "Wait a second! Jeffrey always brushes her teeth three mornings a week... I bet that guy has a better method!" I got really excited and said:

She's always fighting the toothbrush for me, how do you brush her teeth?

And he says:

I don't.


But you brush them three days a week...

No I don't.


Well why the fuck not?

I dunno.


This is what my child's mouth will look like, ya know, since we're only brushing her teeth four mornings a week:

After that admission, I threw a fabulous temper tantrum, grabbing Babe, two t-shirts and a diaper to move out with. I may have called him a moron. It wasn't my best moment, and after doing a little grocery shopping with Mads and Mr. Bear, I had cooled off enough to go back home. I'm still pissed though, and I brushed Babe's teeth extra hard before bed. Poor kid.

The fiance is no longer free. I'll pay you fifty bucks to take him off my hands. In this economy, there has to be a taker.

*I assure you this is not just a miscommunication. He knows which days are his teeth days, and I always ask him "Did you brush her teeth?" And do you know what he says? Do you know?? "YES, ugh" like I'm asking the most ridiculous question ever asked. I need wine. At least a bottle.

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Bohemia Momma said...

I just recently informed my DH that he needs to brush Alex's teeth every morning (Monday-Friday). Know what he told me? How about you do it every night before bed. I said I do, but he needs it twice. Know what he said to that?? You do it when you get home from work and before bed. I shoulda slapped him.