Sunday, August 9, 2009

Florida Day Uno

At 4:15am I woke Babe up and dressed her. She was falling over tired, as in standing and then falling over... a lot. At 6am, we flew out of PA in the smallest, loudest, death-trap of an airplane that anyone could find. I saw my life flash before me while I rattled in my seat for 45 excruciating minutes. I think Babe did OK, not that I would know for sure, I couldn't even hear myself think. She may have screamed the whole way... who knows? After an hour layover, we hopped on a wonderful plane, a quiet, roomy, leather seated bird with a Sky Mall catalog at every seat (that's my most fave catalog EVER). Mads slept peacefully, and so did Jeffrey and I.

On the ground in Tampa, we were greeted by the two most excited Grandparents in the universe, along with sweltering heat that made my stomach turn. Get my ass to the beach, I'm dying here:

We went to the tiny children's beach that is about five minutes from the G-Parents house (if Clearwater Beach were the Ritz-Carlton, this beach would be the Colony Lodge). Babe swam hard and crashed even harder as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Jeffrey and I drove around until midnight, hitting up all of our favorite bars from back in the day, searching for a close friend, Jovan. We didn't find him.

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