Monday, August 3, 2009

A Very Talented Diaper

Jeffrey and I were both up super early this morning, so early in fact that Mads was still sleeping. When I went to check on her at around 7am, I was quite shocked to see this staring up at me from the crib:

That's a naked baby butt. I assure you, that butt was not nakey when it was deposited in the crib last night. Apparently, Madelynn's diaper had grown not only arms, but legs also, and had climbed the whole way up the crib. It then shimmied down the bars, landing pee side up on the carpet. I'm not sure when exactly that diaper made it's grand escape, but the status of the sheets tells me that it wasn't away from her baby butt for very long.

Dry sheets = a good day.


H_R_03 said...

lol dont ya just love those morinings lol one time i woke up to trentin covered in poo and just laughing about it! that was not a fun day of cleaning poo off a crib!

Steph said...

hilarious!! Yeah, you got really lucky the sheets were dry!!