Sunday, November 22, 2009

18 Month Word List

I started to list Madelynn's new words on her life wall, but I kind of lost track somewhere along the line. Instead of trying to compare and remove the ones I've already posted, I'm just gonna list ALL of them, right here, and be done with it. So here it goes.

Dog (woof), cat, sheep (baaa), cow (moo), pig, lion (rorrr), fish, kitty, puppy
Up, down, in, out, bath, done, bed, sleep, pee, potty, poop
Hi, bye, kiss, hug, what, here, see, shirt, shoes, socks, towel
Eyes, nose, toes, ears, hair, head, hat, knees, teeth, mouth, hand
Phone, TV, cheese, cookie, juice, milk, water, ice, door, wall, pizza
Mommy, Daddy, mine, baby, boy, girl, Pappy, Grammy, Mase
Sippy, hot, cold, peas, green, blue, bear, pony, block, doll, lamp, book
Open, close, smell, tongue, nails, cup, bottle, soap, clock, car, snail, crayon
Swing, toll (stroller), tree, sun, moon, star, shit (yup), but (butterfly), dance
Bad, good, keys, yes, no, chair, boom, spoon, coffee, boat, boob, bee, shirt
Eww, more, duck, tickle, ball, bug (followed by "eww"), bowl, bird, apple
Grape, ouch, sit, rock (as in rocking, not like a rock) go, ride

That has to be it. I'm like, hurting myself over here trying to remember everything she's ever said. Jeffrey and I spend our days arguing over who heard each word first, it goes something like this:

A: She said 'down' today.

J: She said 'down' yesterday, too.

A: Oh, well she said 'ouch' today...

J: She said that like, three days ago.

A: Eff you.

She's hard to keep up with.

Speaking of rocking (which I did somewhere up there), my little lovely has decided that she's too old to be rocked to sleep. Whaaat? Instead of rocking, I say "time for sleep!" and she marches her little behind into the bedroom and lays down. Of course I have to lay with her, trying to be silent while she painfully yanks on my hair for twenty-five minutes until she falls asleep.

I was sick of rocking anyways. :(

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cecilia said...

Nice post but no :( pictures... Mady is missing the word Abue... show her one of my fotos... LOL.