Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hunting Season

Since the onset of real winter, Mads and I have been cooped up in this apartment for full days sometimes. You can only go to the library so many times in one week without looking like A) a total loser, B) a potential book thief, or C) a book thief loser. Since today was almost close to beautiful, we spent a little time outside before runny noses and frozen fingertips forced us back in. The second our coats were hung on the rack, we were already annoyed with each other. We needed to do something, anything to get us through another long afternoon of hermit-life. Climb couch cushions? Check. Draw Christmas trees on the sinks, toilet, bath-tub and floor? Check-check-check. Have an Easter egg hunt? In December?

I busted out the plastic eggs and hid them all over the living room; one in her kitchen sink, one under the rocker, one on the seat of her chair, etc. I even hid one in the branches of the Christmas tree. You would have thought that Madelynn had just been introduced to the real live Jr. Asparagus, she was seriously 'tinkle just a little' thrilled every time she found an egg.

After a full hour of egg scavenging (yes, a full hour of hiding, finding and re-hiding all over the apartment), Babe and I collapsed on the living room floor, surrounded by multi-colored eggs. Just being silly, I shoved an egg down her shirt and a new hunting game was born:

If I had known that a handful of plastic eggs could happily kill an entire afternoon, I never would have drawn all over the bathroom. Shitfuck.


cecilia said...

Mady looks older in the last picture... I am wondering is she still remember us...counting the days...(great idea, having easter during christmas holidays...You should make christmas santa eggs and patent your idea)

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

awesome idea! She is such a cutie pie!!