Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Just Don't Wanna

This post is all about avoidance. What am I desperately trying to avoid? The Christmas post. I'm sure you have seen this movie:

That's what Christmas was like for me. I woke up for three weeks straight and it was still Christmas, I swear it never ended. I need to get my thoughts and pictures together before I can commit to writing that post. There are high and low points that I don't want to forget; broken chairs, penis pencil topper shoved in my ear, something with wrapping paper maybe... I don't know. I'll get to it.

Until then, here's some kitty love:

Fabulous, shiny hair times two:

Ring viewing:

Super hugs:

And super cheeses:

And finally, peek-a-boo and a small chunk of cat hair:



House of Blues said...

God, she has GREAT hair!!

cecilia said...

She does have a beautiful hair... and her smile is just precious... I love her and miss her already...

cecilia said...

I loved the last picture... It looks like a cover of a book...