Sunday, January 3, 2010

Unsolved Mystery

Madelynn's collection of baby dolls grew quite a bit with Christmas. Anyone who walks into this apartment would be sure to notice, as they are always strewn all over the place. By New Years, I had noticed a trend among these plastic babes:

Where are their clothes? They came with clothes, full outfits even. Apparently Madelynn has deemed all clothing inappropriate for her baby dolls, and not only did she undress them, but she also hid their clothes to keep her Momma from redressing them. I can't find any of their clothes, and it's not for lack of trying. I'm actually quite proud of the fact that I keep Madelynn's toys very organized, all pieces together, wood with wood... I'm very anal about it. That's why I kept dressing her babies, I didn't want the clothes to get lost. But I have failed, they are gone.

At first I thought all this naked was kind of strange, I mean what kind of child goes to those kind of lengths to keep her baby's lack of privates exposed? But then I thought, when you compare this to the toy box of my seven year old self, filled to capacity with headless, nude barbies, this nakey newborn phenomenon is actually pretty tame.

I'm still hunting those clothes though.

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cecilia said...

look behind the couch, inside the cabinets, in the garbage, in the laundry room, in her princess box....etc...good luck finding them...maybe she is playing egg hunting with you, but in this case the eggs are the babies clothes... ha, ha, ha,