Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Mad Cave

I had a super hard time getting this right. Each time she would crawl through the tunnel, all the sides would fall down. This is the Mad Cave Version 8.47 or so (I never claimed to be an architect). When I finally figured out how to hold it all in, it was hours of cave play. She even had snack in there.

Wic-Bag even participated for a while.

After taking these pictures, I laid down in the crack between the cave and the T.V. stand and apparently dozed off. If it means I get a nap every day, I'll rebuild that thing every morning.

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cecilia said...

Your are so good at everything... I am so glad that your are my son's wife and the mother of my grandchildren... I could not have ask for a better one...I make people jelouse when I talk about all of you...sucks for them but good for us...:) love you guys...