Friday, April 9, 2010

Our New Additions

Welcome Goldfishie and Crystal Light (Babysitter's Club, anyone?).

(Don't worry, this tank is temporary. We're getting a much bigger one :)

Crystal Light is all orange, while Goldfishie has a spot of black on his (her?) tail. I'm thinking I may have doomed Crystal Light to an early death, as Karen Brewer's fish were actually named Goldfishie and Crystal Light the Second. I didn't realize this until after their names were already set in stone though, so say a little prayer for Crystal Light.

Before bed tonight, Madelynn pulled her pink, plastic vanity chair up to the dresser and stood on it. "Good night, fishies! Bye-bye, fishies!" She blew them a kiss and put her chair back at the vanity, giving one final wave before pulling the door shut behind her. We never shut that door.

I think she's just making sure they can't escape while she sleeps.

1 comment:

cecilia said...

Madelynn is such a beautiful little girl.. I just picture her waving goodbye to the fishies withe her pink little nails...I hope the fish makes it...Abue...