Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wet Ones

After dinner on the porch this evening, I gave Madelynn a popsicle hoping that I would be able to get a clear picture of her "wet ones" while she ate it.

Madelynn calls her pointer fingers her "ones." When I painted her nails electric pink today, she walked around with both pointers in the air chanting, "wet ones! Wet ones! No touch!"

See them now?

When Jeffrey got home from work, the first thing Madelynn did was show him her "pwetty ones, Daddy."

Jeffrey scoffed at electric pink. Whatever, they're totally pwetty.

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cecilia said...

Mady looks amazingly beautiful...very lovely with her pretty pink dress and her pwetty little hot pink nails...The picture where the wind is blowing her soft curls is so beautiful...I am going to make that picture big for my wall...who needs expensive pictures on the wall when you can just put Mady on a frame and show it off...she should be in a cover of children book or magazine...(just a thought)