Monday, June 14, 2010

The Circus

Mads was a little intimidated by the circus. She hid behind Mommy's dress for at least ten minutes:

Then clung to Daddy for dear life:

Major wedgie woman:

Juggling Micheal Jackson

Shock and awe:

Micheal Jackson juggles fire:

Poor exploited ponies:

This guy called himself a clown:

Poor exploited child (who was fabulous):


Most talented guy in the show:

This guy fell off:

Madelynn's favorite part of the whole circus... $3 balloon.

So it wasn't the Circus McGurkus by any stretch, and I was pretty concerned for my soul when they brought out the eight-year-old, but it was a pretty entertaining couple of hours.

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Abue Cecy said...

I the award for the best acrobatic moment goes to.... Madelynn doing her balancing act on Daddy's hand.... Yeah... Yeah...